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I packed up the Audi station wagon, taking LOLcat with me this time, and spent about two months outside of Saint Claire--mostly operating out of Pavel's Colorado sanctum--meeting with other mages who might have some insight into The Nothing or mages who might have been either involved in or interested in the Manhattan Project atomic bomb research. I met a lot of new people and blew a lot of tass asking for people to reach out to their contacts' contacts' contacts. But more on that later.

w(I think I inadvertently spooked several mages. An Orphan Master of Forces, inquiring about atomic weapon research, working with garou, and hauling around a sample of reality-eating-ooze.... It'd wig me out too if it weren't what I simply call "Tuesday.")


I'd been using some of the waiting around time to practice both levitating large groups of objects and simultaneously masking them from the visible spectrum. Sometimes I could levitate a dozen rocks that I'd rendered invisible, sometimes not so much. With lives at risk, I knew that flying the garou up to the tower with some form of visual masking on top of that.... better safe than sorry, so I planned to blow some tass and use ritual magick. Slower, but steadier. When I got word that the attack on the Queen was coming, I was well prepared. I got back the day before, spent a good 16 hours resting from my travels (and left one hell of a ring around the jacuzzi tub), and then stepped across to the spirit world to meet up with Kargamis and rendezvous with the garou war party.

The attack on the queen? It went extremely well. Because it was staged in the umbra where there is no such thing as vulgar magick, levitating groups in and out was not a problem. I managed to deflect some blows that likely would have ended Salem and Nolan's lives, rescue Slug from being thrown out the top floor of the skyscraper, countermagick some nastiness the queen tried to inflict upon Thane, the sept's alpha, and then extinguish much of the fire the Black Spiral Dancers started--enough that the fire department could get it under control rather than causing the skyscraper to collapse.

It was only after I got home that I realized I had asked for and received one of the queen's legs and her entire head. Gross and gruesome, but I think I know a few people who might be interested in these.


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