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I dispatched Kargamis to Colorado to deliver a message to Pavel. See if there's any interest from him or (for a finder's fee of course) another mage willing to trade for the queen's severed head, one of her attacky bug limbs, and this comatose wraith I recently picked up. I imagine they'd be of interest to a seasoned Verbena, or certainly someone more advanced and interested in Life or Mind magicks. Maybe I could get a little something out of it, too. Regardless, I want to get rid of all of it.

Had a brief chat in the caern the other day with Nolan. He's irked that Thane didn't go after Peter immediately, despite Thane's claim that doing so might have jeopardized the attack on the queen's tower. I think I got him to see that Thane made the choices he felt necessary and that they might not have been Nolan's choices, but Nolan's not the one with all that responsibility--and that Nolan's plan might have cost the garou more lives, lost the battle for the queen's tower, and caused the caern to fall. It's easy to bitch about stuff in hindsight, but it's a hell of a lot harder--and riskier--to be the one making decisions for others without the benefit and clarity of hindsight.

Which is why I am damn glad I'm not in that position and when I find myself in a potentially morally compromising situations, I can typically just alert the garou and they'll go do what I have such great difficulty with. Mercy, hope, and kindness are my big strengths and weaknesses.


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