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After ensuring that Emma, Mouse, Slug, and Salem were all okay with their names being made known to the sept as Those Who Knew The Warper's True Identity, and after Mouse talked to Thane beforehand about the matter and me being claimed as Walker kin, I finally met up with Thane. Told him the names. Him and Alicia make the six we agreed upon. Then I told him I was Nick Dalton. And he didn't attack, which, honestly, probably for the best as it was a remotely controlled Jedi kinetic construct wearing some clothes anyway. Yay, telepresence! We chatted a little longer, largely just assuring one another that Thane felt responsible for my well-being as a territory-holder of the sept on the bawn, and how that reflected upon him. And I reciprocated by stating the well-being of the caern and the glade I was claiming was likewise a reflection of my own commitment to those things. (I intentionally went with "Caern" rather than "Sept" or "Garou" because "Garou" is waaaaaay too much and "Sept".... There are going to be times I disagree with the sept's actions and will not assist them--nor have the time, resources, nor inclination to.

I've been spending a lot of time as a cougar on and about the territory, getting used to the lay of the land and better understanding it. Part of that is where I will be living. I've taken to sleeping in one of the caves in the bowl. Smaller. With a back to it. Largely just shelter, honestly. And up and out of the way. I'll probably pick a larger one eventually. I've got some ideas for making a livable, defensible space, but I want to do minimal alterations in the process so as to not rankle the spirits.

Val said I'm turning into a classic hermit-mage. I've noticed that as well, but change is the only constant in a living life. It's not what I would have chosen nor thought idea if there had been another option, but sometimes.... When the ocean's waves are too big to fight, you don't fight them. You surf them.

I put my cabin and property up for sale. I just sold the RV and purchased a 2010 Keystone Cougar XLite 29BHS (God, I love the "Cougar" irony, too), which is currently in the shop having the "bunkhouse" area gutted and converted into a library--and having the security and access points beefed up significantly. The Audi wagon can tow it, so I can pack up and go whenever and wherever; I like having that freedom and flexibility.

I do believe I'll likely be parked out at WWNP's campground area again once it's done. I need to get a decent camera so I can pose as a nature photographer/camper so as to not draw any undue attention to myself. Heck. Maybe I can get lucky and sell some photos, too.
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