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Good grief, I've been busy on a "vacation" of sorts.

Long story made short, Pavel called in a favor I owed him, and I ended up creating an underwater safehouse for a Virtual Adept 30' under McConaughey Lake near Ogallala, Nebraska. Pavel, Verbana that he is, supplied a modified houseplant that helped maintain proper oxygen levels. (I am pretty sure he spliced in some genetic traits from the Bramblefruit plants I brought him half a dozen years ago from when the wasp spirits had taken over the caern.) I spent a good few weeks setting that Force bubble up just so. Another week being water-repellent (and stinky). And then back to Pavel's cave in the Colorado high desert to talk Ooze.

Pavel mentioned that higher level Prime magicks--just beyond my current grasp of that sphere--did allow for mages to move from manipulating a pattern into reinforcing one (which he is very familiar with in creating/repairing talismans and objects of power) or completely unworking one (something he's only done a few times and so had forgotten to mention earlier). He demonstrated by unworking an object, burning it with a blue flame that rapidly consumed it but which cast no thermal energy. The object was simply gone afterwards, leaving no trace. And by no trace, I mean "I cannot recall what the object even was." We're talking erased completely from reality. That is definitely similar--in some ways--to what the Ooze seems to do. Except.... different. Different in a way I can't put my finger on, though.

Pavel offered to put me in touch with a Euthanatos who has vastly more experience in obliterating things out of existence. I'm not keen on hob-knobbing with one of those mages, and I just got out of Pavel's debt, so I wasn't terribly eager to jump back in immediately. (The man is, if anything, a mercenary.) Plus, by then, I'd been gone from Saint Clair for nearly three months and needed to get back.

It seems, in my absence, that not terribly much has happened with the sept/bawn. Good. A little stability and calm is a nice change of pace and will let me explore and experiment more in peace. Although Salem mentioned there were packs of dangerous dogs that seemed to be venturing onto the western areas near the bawn's borders. I'm keeping an eye out for them around the Mountain Bowl, but so far so good. I may be too far back into the wilderness to bother with. Thankfully.


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