Nov. 14th, 2016

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Now that I'm not traveling all over the western half of America for a couple months, chatting with a bunch of mages about black ooze, I've been spending more time at the caern. I'm amused that, now that I have the cougar ring back, I seem to have shifted my visual/kinetic remote representation of myself away from the jedi humanoid figure back to the cougar. I have heard from Slug and Jamethon, both saying they approved of me having territory. The former was not a surprise (as I did recently keep him from becoming a splatter of chunky salsa on the road when the Queen chucked him out of the penthouse's window), but I had not expected a Get (other than Emma) to be supportive. Huh.

Nolan shared that he and Jenelle and Derek went to the Blue Mountains to try and awaken and talk with the mountain's spirit about the anti-Nothing. They succeeded, but the mountain was too young to remember. Nolan claimed the mountain gave them directions to a rock--what remains now of a mountain. A group will be gathering to try and attempt waking this spirit from its slumber. I'm curious to observe how the garou perform this act.


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