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Val brings news. And rum. Coraxes are awesome. )

I might have accidentally broken Briari. )

Alicia is less trustworthy than a Shadow Lord. )

Ghost is understandably unnerved about what's happening to her and the existence of Ghost 2. )
I lingered a while longer, watching the fire and observing how the forces from the flame echoed into the spiritual resonance of the caern itself like ripples in a pool, before ceasing my trip to the caern, dropping the illusion, and going outside to mow the patches of the yard that have grass. Maybe I should try my hand at gardening again this year?

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Val scouts out the Queen's Tower. )

Edgewood falls to Spirals. )

I need to find a willing Uktena who knows Shroud. )

Briari and Slug do something stupid. )

A little bird told me where to find you. )

Aaaand there's now even more intensive blue lights in the cabin from the rushed vulgar effect I needed to do to check on Briari on top of the vulgar effect I pulled with the invisible cougar trio. I need to lay off the vulgar magick before something bad happens. Maybe an intentional bleed-off is called for? That'd be unpleasant. I may just need to tell the garou I can't help them for a week's time because I've been doing too much for them already and it's taking its toll.


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