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Umbral wards almost done! )

I genuinely like Riley. When she's not punching me. )

Slug is a nice enough guy. Too bad he doesn't trust anyone. )

Making new friends in Harbor Park. Or, well, not friends. Damn. )

Talking to Quoz about the caern totems and which is his favorite. )

Been getting some quality time in here and there with Emma. I'm worried I might lose her in this upcoming fight. I can't shield her from radiation. The only mage I know with that level of command over Forces is Peter Kenward. But he's been in an insane asylum for nearly 20 years now, and he only has very brief and sporadic moments of lucidity. I wonder.... I wonder if I might be able to use some Mind magick to try and pull him out. I'm afraid he might pull me down with him, though.

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Goddammit. )
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Is Naomi a Hunter? )

Meeting Mouse in the park to discuss Riley and wasp venom. )

God damn, I hate it when the moon gets full and all the crazy starts leaking out of the garou. )

The next day, Val shared with my her memories of what happened via Mind Speaking. She didn't see Flint die, but the carnage and afterwards....It was worse than the worst homicide I'd ever worked in the SCPD.

This. This is the stuff of nightmares. 
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Emulating the garou's tracking ability. Sort of. )

Flint's a member of Team Jacob. )
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I'm not paranoid at all! )

Wal-Mart, Sera, and how the garou can locate people. )

But this new missing person.... Where have I seen this kid before? )

No news yet on Izzy's mother from Mouse and the database searches haven't been fruitful--just stuff from the past so far.

Luck has not been on my side recently. It might be time to grab it by the balls--and twist.


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