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Salem, Val, Mouse, Jacinta, and Emma,

I'm writing these notes down to help recall and record what I saw and experienced the other night. Hopefully this will be of some use to you and the sept.

The note's contents.... )
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Fri, Jun 20--from caern to cabin )
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Wed, June 11--Today I went to church. )

Wed, June 11--Another note to Karuvar. )
Expect riots to occur in Saint Claire within 1-3 weeks. Your area of town will be affected, but it appears--at least in the near future--that Copper Sands will go unmolested by these riots that will be centered largely on the northwestern part of the city and the Courthouse vicinity. Still, do take care and precautions.
I sincerely apologize for this second intrusion, but thought you would be highly interested in this information. And no, I am not causing them.

I hope he appreciates the information. I didn't loiter and spy to find out. Despite the momentary intrusion, I am giving him and his guests the privacy they likely want.

Wed, June 11--Supplies acquired )

Thursday, June 12--The Hermitage. )

Fri, Jun 13--Revelations from a phone call with Emma. )


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