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Charley discovers that Team Jacob > Team Edward when it comes to brutality. )

It's probably best to not try to pickpocket warpers. )

 LOLcat was all over me last night: I think he missed me. Also, he puked on the futon. Lovely.
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Val drops off some b-day presents. )

Charley takes a trip to the umbra. )
To-do list )
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Cool. The kid's grandmother is a ghost hunter. )

Talking nodes, quintessence, and  )

A little history about the local mages for Charley. )
It'd be nice if my subconscious let me know every so often what it was up to. )

The vision-fog paradox seems to be lifting. It's kind of unnerving not being able to see things further off. Now there's a metaphor for life.
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It's not exactly a chantry or a cabal, but it's something! )

Mage-garou-kin business and relations. )

Sure, but what do you buy for a crusty curmudgeon of a Walker that would actually be useful? )

There's a showing of the entire 6 episodes of Star Wars in Seattle starting tomorrow night and concluding Saturday night. I think I'm going to pop over for that, then spend Sunday enjoying the local culture/sights.
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Catching up with Val. )

Catching up with Charley--then Val again. )

Catching up with Emma. )

And off to San Francisco with a load of bramblefruit popsicles. )

Just got into San Fran tonight. And I just got a voicemail from Val's mom saying that Thursday is her birthday and that she'll be 32. Random?


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