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Visiting the Portland Hollowers' cabal. )
The Hollow Ones have this poster over the bar in the rec room of the house they're sharing that I found rather amusing:

We drank a lot and screwed around with magick while drunk, but not house-with-chicken-legs drunk.

Oracle meeting prepwork. )

Time for some horse--car--trading. )

Touching base with Val and Rhys. )

I finally got home. I hit the futon and didn't remember anything until I woke up on Monday morning when LOLcat farted me out of a dead sleep. Stupid cat.
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The Black Goo Investigations )

I pulled up stakes and drove back home to Saint Claire, arriving last night (Thursday). I have mixed feelings about being back here right now. And maybe.... Maybe I should go talk with Aahn? I doubt a spirit is going to have much information to share. But maybe, in this instance, I have information to share with a spirit?
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Wed, July 30

Lessons from a Euthanatos. )

Oh, God. What have I done? What have I done?

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Thurs, July 16--Meeting up with the Hollowers again )
That night? That night back at the hotel did not go so well....
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July 15, Night--Laying a trap for the 3AM Scribbler )
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July 15--Meeting up with a cabal of Hollow Ones )

Anyway. Work to do tonight. Wards to put together. Spirit-demon thing to vex and hex if it bothers to show up.
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July 3-4--Visiting with Raul (Euthanatos) and Joey (Akashic) in Seattle )

July 5-7--Visiting with Walter (Virtual Adept) in Phoenix, Arizona )

July 8-10--Visiting with Tyler (Akashic) and his heavily Cult of Ecstasy crew in San Francisco )

I headed back to Saint Claire, arriving late on the 10th. More about that later.


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