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I've been settling in at the Mountain Bowl now that the warding is up and in place. My god, magick is so much easier to work at this node, and absolutely none of the precautions I'd need to observe at the Harbor Park glade or Osprey Circle's fountain. It's like suddenly having room to stretch out and breathe. This. Is. Glorious.

Getting myself settled. )

Creating nature's fog machine. )

Appeasing the spirits, installing a talisman, and thinning the gauntlet. )
Offering to act as host for the next new-moon moot and a preliminary showing to a new Shadow Lord. )

Let's go bother the wizard so he can look at a sick dog that we can take care of ourselves. )
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Meeting up with Val to discuss mage-related documents and her upcoming buzzard assault. )

Clocking some hours with Terminus, my own stock portfolio, and a few more 25-lb propoane containers )

Playing defense and unseen guardian angel at the assault on the Buzzard and his minions. )

Eventually, in scanning over the area, I noticed that Reggie seemed to be sensing the magic I was using and pretty excited about it. He didn't seem to know where or who it was coming from, though. I watched a little longer, and then I dropped the effect entirely. Uktena.

Might have saved a life or two tonight. Won't ever get thanked for it, but them's the breaks. Now for a well-deserved glass of fine whiskey and an early bedtime for a change.


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