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A cougar-mage walks in to a werewolf funeral and.... )Link to the log:
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Wherein Nick does an extended ritual, to try and figure out why there are no records of the old hospital existing and why people seem to have forgotten about it, by peering into the past (which seems to have been altered) and a potential future.

Log behind the cut. )

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OOC Note: Val shared her experience with Nick via Mindspeech. I just threw a log of the earlier event up because I'm being a lazy sack of crap.

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Passing information about the Spirals off to Slug so he can alert the sept. )

Vegetarian cat food sucks, and I'm getting pretty damn hungry. Woodland creatures are almost starting to look good. I'm not going to be playing at being a cougar much longer.
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Meeting up with Val to discuss mage-related documents and her upcoming buzzard assault. )

Clocking some hours with Terminus, my own stock portfolio, and a few more 25-lb propoane containers )

Playing defense and unseen guardian angel at the assault on the Buzzard and his minions. )

Eventually, in scanning over the area, I noticed that Reggie seemed to be sensing the magic I was using and pretty excited about it. He didn't seem to know where or who it was coming from, though. I watched a little longer, and then I dropped the effect entirely. Uktena.

Might have saved a life or two tonight. Won't ever get thanked for it, but them's the breaks. Now for a well-deserved glass of fine whiskey and an early bedtime for a change.


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