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Trust the Black Mage or trust Ghost's doppelganger? Get it wrong, the universe might end. Do nothing, the universe might end. Get it right, the universe might end.

Sometimes I miss the days when I was more concerned about using magick to pick "chance to win!" products at the grocery store that would net me a quick couple hundred bucks so I could pay for college textbooks. Today is one of those days.

I feel so sorry for Ghost 2.0. What a miserable existence. I don't know how to help her.

I told Salem about how I noticed two connections to Ghost that I'd missed before, so he suggested we look to see if Ghost 2.0 had similar links.... )
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Divinations for Naomi. )
Feeling like an idiot, and then advising Salem on my idiocy. )
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He meant well, at least. )
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1-800-BUR-NERS )

Would it be helpful if I simply thinned the gauntlet for you? )

A man could get used to this. )
Of space and time and mammoth bones. )

My fingers and palms are burning and itching again. I need to get to the spirit world soon and cut loose with some truly vulgar magic to satisfy that particular urge. Something very violent.


Where the hell did that urge coming from?
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More Maths! )

Stay out of all this, Nick. Stay out of it. )

I can't imagine that an athro Get ahroun needs much of a guardian angel, but.... )

Filling Emma on my plan to get the Suits off our campus )Silvertip /surely/ knows better than to lay a curse on a Walker. )Dang, I wish Emma were here in bed tonight. She's a good snuggler, and I could use a little calming reassurance right now.
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Mindraping Eddy )
1 Kitsune vs 3 BSDs. I KNEW this would happen. *brace* FIRE MISSION, OUT! )
Thomas called wanting to know if I was all right and if he could come over. I told him I did not want company and that I was dangerous to be around. He wanted to come over and patrol around outside my cabin. Told him no again. I suspect the badly injured fox is seeking magical protection--perhaps--after he got a taste of what I was capable of doing. He needs to be seeking out a theurge, though
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River patrol. A talk with Thomas creates a flash of insight. )

In search of Silvertip's surplus tail. )

Do I frighten the garou? )

Payment for services rendered: spirit lore on my cabin's floor. )

Don't attempt to play mind tricks on this Jedi. )

Well aren't we the odd couple? Potentially working with Silvertip in the future. )

The new decor is amazing, but it's going to have to go soon. )

I spent the whole day today alternating between catching up on sleep and studying the chalk drawing with the music cranked up--occasional spontaneous, energetic dancing. Tonight? Sleep. Definitely sleep. 

Oh, hell. I forgot to talk to Silvertip about dispelling any residual Time magic on the caern's totem. Can't do anything about that for about 5 more days, though.


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