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Friday, July 25--A chat with Slug, and a little envy to boot!

Dropped by Edgewood to restock the cupboards and fridge. Meditated by the pond until Slug turned up. He thought the "ENOLA" that'd appeared to me earlier was actually ALONE. (That's some REDRUM shit right there.) Slug had a bright idea: he'd written a "who are you" question in the hopes of getting a response, and he got "WE ARE THE LAST DAYS." (Slug is smarter than the average bear, Boo-Boo.) I suggested coordinating with the people who were receiving visions so we could all write a series of questions that tied in with one another, not overlapping (so we wouldn't ask the same question twice) and make substantial progress in gathering more information/knowledge. Unfortunately, Slug has had nearly negligible success in coordinating things with the garou. (Probably primarily because he's a Gnawer and secondarily because of the garou's stupid "but he's not a galliard" tradition/culture. Idiots. But they're the idiots I've chosen to work with.)

Slug also showed off a new gift he'd learned that allowed him to "heal" a very dead handheld game unit instantaneously, rendering it functional for a short period of time. That was pretty damn impressive, and Slug ought to be a passenger in any vehicle-based missions so he can repair it if it's shot and damaged/disabled. I suppose I could replicate this garou gift with Matter and Time--but it would require a knowledge of Matter that is well beyond what I know now. I've used a Time, Correspondence, Matter effect in the past to remove dents from vehicles, but I'm limited to simplistic Matter patterns. Which reminds me that I should--when I get the freaking coffin + vampire out of the cabin--wheel Val's wrecked Harley inside so I can repair it in my sanctum with vulgar magic. Coincidental works just fine, but it takes too long with all that buffing and hammering. But I digress. I need to get him to do it again so I can watch how he did it and get a better feel for the limitations. Maybe I should break something and then ask him to fix it, even if the fix is temporary?

New faces--A wolf cub and Alexis

While chatting with Slug, a wolf came out of the woods. Chubby. Unafraid of people. I guessed correctly: Slug said it was a lupus raised by humans as a pet. No one had claimed it yet. I debated doing so for the Walkers, but (1) I don't think I have that authority and (2) I don't want to get stuck having to train a Walker lupus cub, which would likely stay at my cabin, which currently has a vampire-in-a-coffin in the front room--and a cat that would not be happy about the new housemate. I do kind of like the idea of teaching a garou cub, or maybe having a lupus pet/guard dog, though. Too bad Claire is hellbent on being human. And Fostern. Ah well.

Alexis is Walker kin uprooted from NY recently. Fled via moonbridge to Salt Lake. That got hit and she ended up here. Sounds like she lost her dad (non-garou) and maybe her mom (garou)--I didn't pry for clarification as I'm sure those wounds are still fresh. She's maybe in her mid-late 20s, has an advanced degree in physics (particle physics?), and has only been clued in for the past 5 or so years. Easy on the eyes, too. I'm excited that there's a new Walker kin AND that she's intelligent! Surprisingly, she's inexperienced with guns and she seems to be one of those kin who keeps the garou at a distance rather than mingling frequently like I do. (I can see being afraid of them, because I still am at times, but how cool is it that they can shapeshift so effortlessly, traverse the umbra, and use static magic? And how could you NOT be intrigued by that and want to see/learn more?) We're mailing each other to coordinate getting her out someplace to go practice with some firearms. At the very least, I think she ought to learn how to use a shotgun for home defense, in case something comes after her. And then get her someplace to live that's not in a shit part of town. Maybe a job.

Sat, July 26--The coffin in the room

I dread going back to the cabin each night. Not because I'm worried that the vampire is going to escape, though. She's trapped--I read her mind and she's clearly trapped. Plus I'd used Matter to pinch the lid shut in a very impressive "weld" and then added on a Correspondence ward to lock that space even further. Whenever she hears me, she alternates between screaming how she's going to kill me when she gets out and bargaining to be released. The latter is a lie. She plans to kill me as soon as she's out. How do I know? Mage. Mind reader. And those surface thoughts are damn hard to hide. I was hoping.... You know, I'd been hoping we could talk things out, she'd be reasonable, and she'd leave me and the Hollowers alone, but.... I don't think this is going to end well for her, which makes me sad.

I can sense her hunger growing steadily, too. I left a vaguely worded message for Salem and Riley, but they're eyeball deep in important stuff. Mouse? Still missing or dead. I've got Thomas, Val, and Silvertip as backup options. I don't want to involve Emma in this. While I'm certain she could handle the situation, I'm not so sure I can handle her killing what is effectively a cornered sentient being.

I wish I had more knowledge of Mind magick. I could just wipe the vampire's mind of certain events, just like Gwyneth did to Salem. THen everyone could just go their own way without.... I have no illusions about this vampire being allowed to live. Maybe burying her is the way to go? The coffin will corrode eventually, long after I'm dead, and she can get back to her (un)life. But would she go insane during that time, like in Anne Rice's Vampire books? Is buried alive for decades worse than death for them?

I hate this.

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