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Shortly after I got back from Portland, I got into a discussion with several garou. More specifically, Nolan was asking if I'd work illusions that would help draw the Spirals and Wraiths away from Edgewood so they could see how those individuals responded if scouts were detected. He wanted illusionary bodies and whatnot. And... simply too much. (And I'm puzzled as to why the garou would intentionally expose themselves and transition into a retreat just to see how.... It didn't make a lot of sense.) I counter-proposed a more aggressive plan that went a little something like this:
  1. I prepare the Walker's cargo van with magicks that will cut off those inside from communication/ with the outside world, as well as hiding those within, making it difficult or impossible to use tracking rites or magicks. (A Correspondence, Mind, Spirit, Forces effect fueled with Prime.)
  2. A garou drives the van up and into the Shadow Lord's garage hangout.
  3. I use an illusion to make it look like the van is packed with an assault team of garou about to stage an attack on the Tower, and the garage is being used as a staging/gathering area.
  4. The invisible wraith communicates the activities at the garage.
  5. A couple garou ambush the invisible wraith, taking him hostage, while simultaneously letting him communicate his situation to the Queen.
  6. The garou stick the wraith in the cargo van, cutting off communications with the Queen and isolating the wraith. They then drive off in the van, getting free and clear. There's no wraith present to report what happened.
  7. The Queen will likely believe the wraith was killed and will hopefully send her Edgewood forces to the garage (or pull them out to come back to the city and shore up for an attack on the Tower).
  8. The real garou war party, hidden in the woods along Sunrise Road, ambushes the Spirals and Wraiths after they leave Edgewood and before they can get to Kent's Crossing--where they're not expecting a fight to happen and they'll be unprepared/surprised.
  9. The isolated wraith can later be questioned by the garou. Being cut off from the Queen's communications might make him very vulnerable mentally, and thus more prone to talk and provide valuable intel.

Will it work? I don't know. It looks good on paper, though. I'll share this concept with Thane.


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