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At the new moon moot, I spoke up about being allowed to claim territory. Specifically the earthen bowl deep in the forest. The idea wasn't shouted down immediately, so that's something. And I think I made a pretty good argument that there's no one protecting it right now, so why not let an ally watch over and defend it in exchange for its use and some privacy. They're going to have an elders' moot to discuss it. Mentally sifting through who the tribal elders are right now, and what I've done for them in the past, it might actually be a possibility.

Being culturally sensitive/respectful is sometimes terribly tedious. It's taken me decades to get to this point and it might all be for naught. I can certainly better appreciate why some mages simply raid a node and move on.

Thane announced that the Queen had been defeated and Edgewood retaken. I think he was anticipating a celebration, but it did not happen. And then the garou got snappy at each other. Especially Nolan, directing things at Thane. They even come across as insufferable to themselves from time to time, I guess.

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