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Visited the caern last night and ran into Ghost and Nolan, who caught me up on the full moot I missed. And I do so hate that I missed it as what a fascinating opportunity that would have been to observe some of the garou's oldest rituals/traditions. According to Nolan and Ghost, my request for territory was brought up for discussion. Nolan and Ghost raised some interesting questions about what everyone's expectations would be and that we all needed to be on the same page if this was going to work for the long-term without someone being inadvertently offended and the whole thing falling apart. That and ensuring I was able to keep up with the traditions of holding territory--the spiritual side of things--that garou supposedly instinctually know. Good points, I thought. But some in the sept didn't see it that way and accused the two no-moons of just making trouble. (Ugh. I wish I had been there, but those mages needed help down in Los Angeles.) And it seems that Monica later claimed Nolan's opinion couldn't be trusted because he was keeping a secret of his own, and then she raised a point about me not sharing who I am with them being a sign of mistrust on my part, and that that gained some traction among others present until Thane cut off discussion.

So... maybe this whole thing is doomed because people are going to insist upon looking in the gift horse's mouth.

The discussion is to be continued at the upcoming half-moon moot, which I'm invited to, and where I suspect the hard sell is going to occur. However, this is just like buying a car: always be ready and willing to walk away from a deal. And I am fully capable of doing precisely that.


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