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Emma came over. We talked. We're good again. I told her who all knew about me when she asked: Elliot, Jacinta, Mouse, Riley, Salem, Silvertip, Thomas, and Val. I think the list has tripled over this past year. (I have no idea if Jacinta ever told whoever it is in her pack, nor who is in her pack, but no one has shown up on my doorstep looking for my scalp, so that's promising. I guess)

Emma said Val implied I could take care of myself and mentioned that she assumed that meant I could defend myself so.... when should she cut in and be protective? I told her pretty much if something's mauling me to feel free to step in and help, that I didn't care for hand-to-hand fighting, that I didn't kill people, and that I preferred operating from a distance to protect allies and trip up foes--giving my allies tactical advantages from afar. She didn't ask how or for a demonstration, though I suspect that will come some other day.

In the meantime, makeup sex!
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