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Lots of reading (but I guess more thoughts than reading) since Emma left the morning after we made up. (My mind likes to be distracted by thoughts of her. It's irritating, yet also pleasant.) I've been looking a lot at geometric-based functional limits as f(x) approaches zero or infinity. Close-but-not-quite scenarios and instances where it might as well all but be there. There's subtle hints at spaces between space, but nothing that modern mathematics grasps per se. Certainly none that I'm aware of, at least. I think I need to hit up the SCCU library's mathematics section. Perhaps their special collections room, too? Or interlibrary loans? I've rather enjoyed learning about proto-geometry from Ancient Greece, then contrasting it with things we take for granted with high school and college geometry.

Wed morning I dropped by Edgewood. Killer deal on pizza rolls and french fries, so a bought a bunch to further stock the place up. Ran into Emma. Seeing her brightened my day a bit, despite the fact that she was a bit angry at Silvertip for hurting Duke, the cub she adopted into the Get. She was going to confront him when she next saw him. I offered to hang around just in case. X showed up around then, and she's looking for Sue. Apparently Sue challenged for fostern. X thinks he doesn't deserve it because he can't handle cubs (her as a cub?). Aaaand X claimed Sue was willfully avoiding her. Emma and X talked about garou protocol culture, and I listened in while washing the dishes and keeping my nose out of their business. Emma had to leave, so I bugged out to work.

Came back that evening to Edgewood (to check in on Emma), with the guise of bringing in cleaning supplies, and ran into Thomas on the couch--drinking, still hurting a little, though burying that under booze--and he's thinking he might get back to 100%. Val turned up. Thomas talked about how he'd nearly enlisted Emma and how Emma might have been in that warehouse when those three Spirals arrived. Ugh. (In hindsight? After I'd put that bull-metis-charger BSD's head into an iron support pillar and broke part of his horns off, I should have used Mind magick, confused him, and made him perceive the one toting the assault rifle as a foe.) I asked him to let me know if he involved Emma in dangerous situations like that in the future. I suck as a guardian angel, but I haven't seen any angels recently. You? Didn't think so. Duke showed up, showed off the minor injuries he had lingering from Silvertip kicking his ass, and (after Val left) Thomas told Duke he was a Fox. I also got to watch Thomas use the Dedication Rite. Intriguing. High-end Life-Spirit-Matter magic involved in that ritual. I could emulate it if i had the skill, but I don't. I left to give them space as I think Thomas has sort of a mentor/dad thing with Duke.

Emma called a little later to let me know she met with Silvertip and everything turned out okay. Good.

Came back to Edgewood Thursday morning with a new set of red towels. The ones at the farmhouse were getting a little threadbare. Plus? Red makes it hard for bloodstains to show. Emma was out back sleeping in a wheelbarrow? I mentioned how I'd gotten by with futons or twin-sized beds most of my adult life. I think the last "real" bed I had was back when I was living out of my dad's attic. Nice queen-sized poster bed. Maybe it's time I got a real bed again? Emma and I talked a bit of shop. Told her I'd farmed out to Salem a plan for getting a bunch of no-moons together to take a big shit in the Seattle BSDs' turf and draw the FBI Suits off. Emma liked that plan, then mentioned thinking about packing with Salem. (I think it'd be a good idea as I think Salem could use someone--another garou--to talk to.) X showed up. Asked if curses were real. Then said Silvertip had cursed Riley ("I curse you!) last night in the caern. X, Emma, and I had no idea if it had been nothing more than an I'm-angry-at-you series of words or if it was some full-blown actual curse/gift/rite. Texted Riley to see about looking her over to see if she was cursed. I suspect I could undo a curse. If she did put a curse on Riley? It makes me angry just thinking about it, even though I suspect X is reading waaay too much into things.
 Dang, I wish Emma were here in bed tonight. She's a good snuggler, and I could use a little calming reassurance right now.
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