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I've been settling in at the Mountain Bowl now that the warding is up and in place. My god, magick is so much easier to work at this node, and absolutely none of the precautions I'd need to observe at the Harbor Park glade or Osprey Circle's fountain. It's like suddenly having room to stretch out and breathe. This. Is. Glorious.

Getting myself settled. )

Creating nature's fog machine. )

Appeasing the spirits, installing a talisman, and thinning the gauntlet. )
Offering to act as host for the next new-moon moot and a preliminary showing to a new Shadow Lord. )

Let's go bother the wizard so he can look at a sick dog that we can take care of ourselves. )
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Things have been going well. For now.

Meeting Yael. )


Moving and enhancing my wards under the light of a lunar eclipse and a comet. )

I want to go home and rethink my life. )

Life is a lot easier to live if you don't have a moral code, but life is not always about taking the easy path. That way often leads to the Dark Side.


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