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Short, sweet, and full of bullets:
  • Learned that Thane had stepped down as Alpha and departed.
  • While dwelling on that, potential causes, and how it affects my own status with the sept/caern/territory, I managed to say something that pissed off Sandra. And, to a lesser extent, Yael, who I misunderstood and gave what seemed like a dodgy answer to. When it rains it pours.
  •  Isaac is an odd duck. Lupus? Didn't care to ask with my batting average with Sandra and Yael. He did have some interesting questions/insights, though. I think I really do MASSIVELY overthink things sometimes.
  • Bumped into Sandra and Nolan a few days later in the sept compound. Never'd gone inside it before, but did to apologize to Sandra. She accepted. Said the moon had been bothering her. Sort of both our faults. Still, hard to come back from saying "I don't trust Shadow Lords" in front of a Shadow Lord." Derp. Hello, brain? Work, please, in the future?
  • I need to be less comfortable around the garou. I think that is my main problem. Well, no. I have tons of problems. But that's a fairly sizable one.
  • There's a silver bell in the sept compound. A fetish. Sandra and Nolan had no idea what it was or did. I soooooooo wanted to poke at it, but I behaved. My curiosity was, shall we say, BLATANT.
  • NOTE TO SELF: Drop Pavel a note that if he notices any garou fetishes floating around on the market, to let me know and I'll see what I can trade for it in goods and/or services. The garou might help out a bit if their actions help them to recover a fetish.
  • New moon moot was interesting. Lots of hats got changed. Mouse is acting Alpha in Thane's absence. Slug and Jamethon both tossed their hats in the ring to be Alpha. I like Slug. Jamethon might be more qualified, though. Although.... he tends to wax quasi-coherent at times. Tough call, and I get no say in the matter. But I doubt either would give me the boot from the sept/caern/territory.
  • Jacinta came back! Love to pick her brain at some point. When there's fewer people around.
  • I requested a garou or two to escort me to the mountains so I could study The Something.
  • Nolan proposed a quest to find the rock that once was a mountain and talk to that spirit. We combined the two journeys into one. No idea who all will be involved. Awkward.
  • I invited Benedict along. I hope he will be safe.


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