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Well, the plan to do a snatch and grab with one of the individuals who repaints the glyphs didn't go anything like I'd hoped. I managed to scry a bit into the future (which is getting more and more difficult in these chaotic times--and something might be actively clouding the future), focusing on the shifting glyph patterns, which enabled me a time when someone ought to be present at a specific time and location. While I was scrying, I had a weird feeling. Almost as if something were looking back at me, but I couldn't be certain it wasn't just my imagination.

SIlvertip and Samantha came while I drove the van. I got talked into rolling up on the alleyway with Silvertip sliding the door open to levitate the glyph-tender into the van where it'd be subdued by the Wendigo and Uktena. (NOT what I'd been thinking originally, which would have been me parking the van a couple blocks away and letting the garou go in on foot--while I quietly watched and assisted from afar.) We turned up and there were two people in the alleyway, not one, so I drove past, asked what the plan was, and Silvertip said it was still on and summoned an air elemental to assist and protect. My gut was telling me to bail, but I ignored it, circled the block, and came up on the alleyway from the opposite side. Stopped the car. Silvertip slid the door open and levitated the one woman in the alleyway. The other figure? Gone. Or so I'd thought. Invisible. (And I'd been avoiding using any magick so as to not trigger any alarms. Stupid.) Standing right next to the van's door. He just ripped the damn door off and cast it aside, then nailed me in the chest. Thank god I'd worn my bulletproof vest, but tentacle-sucker things still burrowed through into my chest. I tried to throw him off with Forces, and Silvertip tried to throw him off with her telekinetic gift, but it just pushed him back and dragged me out of the van with him. Then the air elemental hit him and threw him a ways back. I felt numbed, sapped. Later, I'd realize he'd destroyed a small chunk of my Pattern itself. It's /gone/. As are what I assume were a few years of my life, as I'd physically aged. I look almost 40 now instead of 35. And six holes in my chest from whatever was in his hand and palm--those will heal, though. I've been through worse.

Silvertip got the woman into the van and she and Samantha subdued the glyph-tender. The pasty-skinned guy came at us again with some kind of ray gun. Shot out the back tire. I used Forces again so the van's weight was on the three good tires and gave us a push--along with the engine's energies--to get us out of there. We escaped. Barely. And Silvertip wasted no time in working to extract info from the captured Spiral.

The info Silvertip got out of the captive?
  • The glyphs are more like radios tuned to a station.
  • The thing that attacked me? There's lots more of them. And one that's far more badass than the one that nearly handed us our asses.
  • There's also super-banes, but fewer of those.
  • There's a ton of Dancers in the area.

So, basically, we're fucked.

At this point in time, I'm thinking it's best to just keep my head down like I do with the Technocracy. This is too damn big. Too damn powerful. And we just can't seem to do shit against it. I've been working on this for a year and have gotten absolutely nowhere.

Maybe I need to just go and buy some property somewhere else? Somewhere away from the cities. Somewhere remote. Somewhere hidden. 

Damn. I'm inadvertently turning into Pavel.
In the meantime, Silvertip is softening up the prisoner. Thomas is coming over to interrogate. And as distasteful as I find it, I probably need to mind-rape the prisoner. For Emma's sake. I doubt she's going to listen to me if I tell her to just cut her losses and be prepared to move. This sort of thing used to be something I didn't ever want to do. I did it once. Now it is easier. I've killed once. Now it is easier.

I feel like I'm slipping. Perhaps not to the Dark Side (I hope the hell not), but definitely away from my earlier ideologies.


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