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 I (quite intentionally) had a premonition that Riley'd be at the tenement last night, so I picked up some groceries as an excuse for dropping by and just so happened to run into her. What a coincidence! ;) Anyway, we ended up having a really good one-on-one chat--the longest one we'd ever had--and I have to concur with Val's assessment: she does seem to be relatively sensible. It does seem like she's having some difficulty finding a balance between thinking things through and taking actions that are as intelligent as possible and the need for expediency in dealing with some thing, which often mandates less thinking and more charging. Admittedly, that is a difficult balance for me, too. And I frequently tend to error on the side of thinking and evaluating things too much. Probably because I do not regenerate like they do and because, well, I don't feel comfortable with the idea of actually killing things.

I mentioned I was looking to get to know more Walkers as I primarily only talked with Mouse and Salem. Riley thought that was a little odd as Mouse apparently isn't very communicative with her and she and Salem tend to bump heads. She said we must have weird conversations. Yes. Yes, you could say that we do. :)
I did a little indirect probing as to Riley's feelings about the other shifters (via mentioning how Val and Mr. Lee might be valuable allies in retaking the caern), and Riley seemed to be all for it. In fact, about Val, she offered "... as much as I can vouch for Val and give her the glowingest of reviews, it doesn't change the fact that some people just don't like the idea of teaming up with a Corax. Of course, these people are /retarded/ if they can't see the good she's done for this Sept by now." It's good that Val's gotten some credit and allies for all the things she's done for the garou, but this rather underscores that there are traditionalist garou out there still who are incredibly xenophobic. And if they're xenophobic to a corax like Val, I'd.... Best to stay under the radar. 

With the moon getting thinner, I should see about warding the Walker's server on the 5th floor breakroom. I'll need some computer parts and whatnot, maybe upgrade the RAM and add an extra HD. That'd give me an excuse to be there and to shut things down for a bit. Probably should send an e-mail out about that and coordinate with Mouse about it.


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