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Trust the Black Mage or trust Ghost's doppelganger? Get it wrong, the universe might end. Do nothing, the universe might end. Get it right, the universe might end.

Sometimes I miss the days when I was more concerned about using magick to pick "chance to win!" products at the grocery store that would net me a quick couple hundred bucks so I could pay for college textbooks. Today is one of those days.

I feel so sorry for Ghost 2.0. What a miserable existence. I don't know how to help her.

I told Salem about how I noticed two connections to Ghost that I'd missed before, so he suggested we look to see if Ghost 2.0 had similar links.... )
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Filling Ghost in on her past and prospective future--while trying to get the ball rolling on a Dreamwalk. )

Briari shares that the Spirals want to betray the Queen's mage, and I fan the flames of why mages should be feared and respected. )

Briari and Ghost left, and as I was about to drop the illusion Rina appeared--and then Kavi. I filled them in on what had just transpired. Word should be spreading, so I should communicate this information to Mouse, Salem, Emma, Slug, Silvertip, and Val as soon as possible.

I just hope it's handled delicately with Ghost and that Ghost herself is able to handle this.

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Researching spiral patterns, symbolism, and iconography. )

Meeting Andrea, Alicia's daughter, and not babysitting. )

Working with Val to come up with a way to show Dakota the glyph patterns in the city in the safest manner possible. )

Slug sends a note. )

 Meeting Briari and talking shop with Mouse. )

To do list:

* Mind-read a protester just after the spiral glyph in the vicinity shuts down to see if I can see if they're being sent subliminal messages.

* Work through Val to share the spiral glyph pattern I found in the city with Dakota.

* Poke around in the head of a captured BSD to see what there is to see, see if he's got a pack link up and running, see if the Spirals are as afraid of this black ooze as we are, and see what he remembers about having walked the Spiral.

* Do a detailed scan of the BSD to give to Pavel to see if he could theoretically "un-BSD" a garou so as to alleviate the need to send them to Erebus / Garou-Hell.
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Umbral wards almost done! )

I genuinely like Riley. When she's not punching me. )

Slug is a nice enough guy. Too bad he doesn't trust anyone. )

Making new friends in Harbor Park. Or, well, not friends. Damn. )

Talking to Quoz about the caern totems and which is his favorite. )

Been getting some quality time in here and there with Emma. I'm worried I might lose her in this upcoming fight. I can't shield her from radiation. The only mage I know with that level of command over Forces is Peter Kenward. But he's been in an insane asylum for nearly 20 years now, and he only has very brief and sporadic moments of lucidity. I wonder.... I wonder if I might be able to use some Mind magick to try and pull him out. I'm afraid he might pull me down with him, though.


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