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Filling Ghost in on her past and prospective future--while trying to get the ball rolling on a Dreamwalk. )

Briari shares that the Spirals want to betray the Queen's mage, and I fan the flames of why mages should be feared and respected. )

Briari and Ghost left, and as I was about to drop the illusion Rina appeared--and then Kavi. I filled them in on what had just transpired. Word should be spreading, so I should communicate this information to Mouse, Salem, Emma, Slug, Silvertip, and Val as soon as possible.

I just hope it's handled delicately with Ghost and that Ghost herself is able to handle this.

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Fri, Jun 20--from caern to cabin )
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Emma must have gotten in touch with Jacinta, because Jacinta turned up at my cabin last night. We had a very interesting, productive discussion. One that leaves me wondering just how desperate and afraid the sept is right now.

Access to places of power in the woods. ))

Have you considered reaching out to other local Bete? )

Permission to work magick from afar that affects things at or around the caern in a time of war? )

May I have a pebble taken from the caern's heart? )

Can I physically go to the caern? )
Errata. )

Holy shit, Nick. What the hell have you gotten yourself into?
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Wed, June 11--Today I went to church. )

Wed, June 11--Another note to Karuvar. )
Expect riots to occur in Saint Claire within 1-3 weeks. Your area of town will be affected, but it appears--at least in the near future--that Copper Sands will go unmolested by these riots that will be centered largely on the northwestern part of the city and the Courthouse vicinity. Still, do take care and precautions.
I sincerely apologize for this second intrusion, but thought you would be highly interested in this information. And no, I am not causing them.

I hope he appreciates the information. I didn't loiter and spy to find out. Despite the momentary intrusion, I am giving him and his guests the privacy they likely want.

Wed, June 11--Supplies acquired )

Thursday, June 12--The Hermitage. )

Fri, Jun 13--Revelations from a phone call with Emma. )
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Tuesday, June 10--Filling Alicia in on the plan to rescue the hostages, then assigning responsibilities. )

Wait a second.

When the hell did I become some kind of benevolent puppet master?


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